Sunday , 18 August 2019
Where does Khan stand on MacLaren?

Where does Khan stand on MacLaren?

I have to wonder where our new Barrie councillor, Arif Khan, stands on the 3.3% property tax increase city council approved Jan. 28?

Why would he not suggest that either the MacLaren Art Centre fork over $200,000-plus to stay in the Carnegie building Barrie residents own, or we turf them out?

Give them their walking papers. Watch the south end of them going north.

But before they leave, they can sell some off their collection and pay back the $3.9 million they owe us.

Yes, there is an agreement in place to allow the MacLaren a 10-year period to pay us back. They won’t, you know, because the agreement is written in such a way as to guarantee the MacLaren will fail to pay us.

Peter Ramsay


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Coun. Khan voted for the 2013 operating budget/capital plan, which includes a 3.3% increase in property taxes. All members of council voted in favour. The count was 11-0.)

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